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Jakiś czas temu, w ramach odwdzięczenia się za podarek, zrobiłam taką oto karteczkę z przecudnych papierów z kolekcji P13 - Awakening. .  .  . Some time ago, as a return to the gift, I made a card from wonderful papers from the P13 collection - Awakening.

Farewell to summer- inspiracja dla

Koniec lata niewątpliwie nam nastał. W oczekiwaniu na polską złotą jesień, która mam nadzieję pojawi się już niedługo, i przy okazji najnowszego wyzwania na blogu Zielonych Kotów, postanowiłam powrócić chociaż na chwile do lata. Ile to razy wracaliśmy z wakacji przywożąc nieświadomie pasażerów na gapę? To biedronkę na plecaku, to mrówki w siatce z owocami itp. Stąd… Continue reading Farewell to summer- inspiracja dla

Congratulations! – inspiration for Piątek Trzynastego (P13)

Once again, I have the honor to present you my inspiration on the blog Piątek Trzynastego. As summer is still in full, and July and August are typical wedding months, I went crazy with inspirations for you. I created not one, not even two, but four cards from the Love in Bloom collection. Although this collection… Continue reading Congratulations! – inspiration for Piątek Trzynastego (P13)

Turtle dream

Hi! How is your vacation going? My fantastic not only because of a bit of leisure time in a sun, but also because I have more time to spend on crafting projects. Today's project is just an example of this 😉 In Poland we have currently few companies who made a thick mdf bases for… Continue reading Turtle dream

Puffin says Ahoy! – inspiration for Zielone Koty. pl

The summer in full and therefore my works are dominated by marine or tropical themes. On the zielone blog we have another challenge titled: "Holiday moods", which inspired me to do two works on this subject. The first one, which I present in today's post, is classically nautical. Well, let's say that it is… Continue reading Puffin says Ahoy! – inspiration for Zielone Koty. pl

Happy Father’s Day

I am late with publication of this card, Father's Day has been gone, but then again, better late publication than none, right? 😉 A card is not typical masculine card, but my dad is a dedicated gardener who loves colourful flowers. That is why I have used a Piątek Trzynastego new summer theme paper collection.… Continue reading Happy Father’s Day

Tropical dreams

Today another work in tropical theme. I seriously adore this paper collection from Piątek Trzynastego - Let's Flamingle. It has many leaves and flowers but also parrots and flamingos. Who doesn't love pink flamingo? Certainly I do love! The work I have prepared is not a card this time. This is a box for chocolate.… Continue reading Tropical dreams