Tilda trial

Some time ago I’ve got absolute craziness about Tilda crafts. I have started with some decorations and purses, but then I tried to sew a doll. First one was 1/3 of the normal one height, just to try out the pattern. So, this is what I got as an result:
I was quite happy with a result, so the doll was put at the cabinet. One day when I get back home, I have noticed that doll’s hat is separately lying on a corridor’s floor (the hat was stitched into the dolls head). I start to look where the doll was and I finally found her lying like this:
The doll, except the hat, was fine so I put it back on a cabinet. However the next day, when I came back to home, I found doll again, on corridor’s floor, but this time she wasn’t so lucky (you can even notice her angry face xD):

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