Congratulations! – inspiration for Piątek Trzynastego (P13)

Once again, I have the honor to present you my inspiration on the blog Piątek Trzynastego. As summer is still in full, and July and August are typical wedding months, I went crazy with inspirations for you. I created not one, not even two, but four cards from the Love in Bloom collection. Although this collection… Continue reading Congratulations! – inspiration for Piątek Trzynastego (P13)

Total suprise wedding card

From time to time I am asked to make a special, personalized card. Usually they are classic wedding card with some twist. However recenty I was ask to prepare a themed wedding card, and I was given a stright guidelandess about details which should be included on the card. I was so suprised that I… Continue reading Total suprise wedding card

White wedding

Today I want to show you a sort of traditional wedding card/ invitation with a bit of rustic twist. I came up for an idea for this card while making a communion one. All of a sudden it enlightened me, that this type of set up will be much better for wedding card than communion… Continue reading White wedding