Starling called Matthew

This blog entry is dedicated to a challenge from a "Pomorze craftuje" blog. This time it is about polish book and movies called "Mr. Blot". It was and still is one of my favorite children stories on which I grew up with. Although the best for me is "Journeys of Mr. Blot", this work was… Continue reading Starling called Matthew

Happy Easter part 1

This year, I have created 2 different type of Easter cards. At this blog entry I present you the cards where I have used an "MFT stamps" company stamp set with some few elements form other brands. The green card was actually a prototype one for all the rest of the cards which I will… Continue reading Happy Easter part 1

Sophie’s B-Day card

My best friend's daughter has turned 2 years old. I have created and sent her a card with wishes, but since she is so little and still cannot read (at least in English- she is Finnish), I've chosen a shaker type card, that should be attractive to the little baby than just a plain card.… Continue reading Sophie’s B-Day card