World Crardmaking Day

Every year at a day of 1st of October craftmakers celebrates a Cardmaking Day. This year I also took part in this celebration with the card I specially made for it, which I present below ­čÖé . ┬á. ┬á. Ka┼╝dego roku w dniu 1 Pa┼║dziernika wszyscy crafciarze ┼Ťwi─Ötuj─ů Dzie┼ä Robienia Kartek. W tym roku i… Continue reading World Crardmaking Day

Global warning

This time a blog entry a bit more serious. The first time I saw "mamaelephant" stamp set, I knew what kind of card I am going to make. This work is a reminder, that global warming is happening now, every where in the world, but the most visible is in Arctic and Antarctic. Since I… Continue reading Global warning

Happy New Year!

I've been away more than month due to lot of work obligations and of course Holidays itself. Since I totally forgot to upload a set of card which I made for friends and family and which I announced in last post, so I am doing it now. Three of those are regular cards, however since… Continue reading Happy New Year!


Happy Halloween to everyone who celebrate! ­čśÇ Today's entry is dedicated to a card I made after seeing the work of KiwiKoncepts. This idea is so brilliant that I have had to try it by myself. . ┬á. ┬á. Weso┼éego Halloween ka┼╝demu kto ┼Ťwi─Ötuje! ­čśÇ ┬á Dzisiejszy wpis dedykuj─Ö kartce, kt├│r─ů zrobi┼éam po obejrzeniu prac┬áKiwiKoncepts.… Continue reading Halloween

Random September paper crafts

Today's entry is dedicated to three works: X-mass card- first test of the concept. I'm definitely pleased with the penguins;) There are a few mishaps with a set up, but those are a little things, I consider the card to be successful. The second work- is the label done for a friend to cheer her… Continue reading Random September paper crafts