Hello Baby- inspiracja dla P13

Moja dzisiejsza inspiracja dla Was to album na zdjęcia maluszka. Jak tylko zobaczyłam kolekcję Baby Joy wiedziałam, że muszę z niego zrobić właśnie album. Postawiłam tu na delikatność i ograniczyłam formę, tak aby stworzyć urocze i delikatne tło pod zdjęcia maluszka, by to ono było w centrum uwagi. W pracy wykorzystałam zarówno papiery i elementy dekoracyjne z… Continue reading Hello Baby- inspiracja dla P13

Gelli plate craziness

In June this year, I took a class in usage of Gelli plate art organised by Anai. I must say this is super creative tool. While heaving vacation I played a bit with Gelli plates and made myself a notebook basis on the knowledge I got during classes. The final effect of the work you can… Continue reading Gelli plate craziness

My DIY album

Some time ago I came across a nice and easy tutorial how to make a small album. It took me not too much time, to finish my own version, which you can see on a pictures below. This is just a base, finishing touches I will make later. .  .  . Jakiś czas temu natknęłam… Continue reading My DIY album

“Good night” Kit

As you already know, I am involved in a group of crafters who make handmade with a craft Kit from Retro Kraft Shop. Theme of this edition (of previous and this month) was night, therefore the title of the Kit "Good Night". From this kit I have prepared 5 works in total. I will present… Continue reading “Good night” Kit

Non traditional wedding album

Not so long ago, I was taking part in another crafting workshop organised by lovely ladies from Craft4You shop. Workshop was conducted by Dorota Kopeć. The result of this workshop was an album build from start to end by participants, such as me :). I really liked this idea especially that I have learned that… Continue reading Non traditional wedding album