Tilda madness

Recently I have discovered, by a total accident, a craft book with sawing patterns. Not the ordinary ones, but so called Tilda’s. It is sort of to be made by hand in a shabby- chic style- toys, pouches, bag and whatnot including some decorations to your own house, which is quite easy to be done and gives a lot of satisfaction, at least gives me (especially since I thought I have both left hands for sawing and this crafts proved me wrong :D) Not only useful but also original craft by myself, and yourself if you ever thought to start sew toys for your children or if you want to have original bags or gadgets at your home 😉
Check this out, my very first cosmetic pouch (or it also can serve as a purse) ^^
The pendant was crafted some time ago by my friend Joanna, previously as a addition to my mobile, but it fits much better this pouch now.

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