Watercolor birds – tutorial for ZieloneKoty.pl

I have for you today a short course of stamps colouring with watercolours. The technique that is shown below is the so-called "No line coloring", i.e. painting without visible lines. This type of coloring is for everyone, the level of your painting skills is not that important. However, a bit of patience and practice is… Continue reading Watercolor birds – tutorial for ZieloneKoty.pl

Thinking of You – Inspiration for ZieloneKoty.pl

My inspiration for you today is once again a card for all occasions. I am recently a huge fan of this type of solutions and I try to implement them in various ways. Today's work that I wanted to present to you, was created under the influence of the theme of the "Gold and masks"… Continue reading Thinking of You – Inspiration for ZieloneKoty.pl

Field flowers – Inspiration for ZieloneKoty.pl

The holiday season is officially finished, so Today I have for you, a universal card for various occasions, from birthdays and name days, through the Grandma / Mum Day and ending on Valentine's Day. I designed the card on the craft base. The background of the card is white watercolour paper, with pattern stamped with… Continue reading Field flowers – Inspiration for ZieloneKoty.pl

Wintery wishes – inspiration for Zielone Koty.pl

Mam dla Was dzisiaj kolejną kartkę świąteczną, lecz tym razem mniej tradycyjną. Ponieważ kartki świąteczne można wysyłać jeszcze w styczniu, to dodałam życzenia Noworoczne i tym samym stworzyłam prostą i elegancką kartkę zimową. Do jej przygotowania wykorzystałam bazę w odcieniu szarości, papier scrapbookingowy zimowy oraz tekturowe śnieżynki, które pomalowałam srebrno- brokatową farbą. Pracę wykończyłam napisem… Continue reading Wintery wishes – inspiration for Zielone Koty.pl

Christmas tree in a snow – inspiration for Zielone Koty.pl

Today I have for you my first inspiration created for Zielone Koty! The work I have prepared for this occasion is a classic winter Christmas card. Well, who does not like Christmas trees covered with a wonderful snow, silvery glistening in the light of sun or Christmas tree lights? Therefore, instead of one, I have… Continue reading Christmas tree in a snow – inspiration for Zielone Koty.pl

Oh vintage christmas tree

I really miss a snow. I want it so badly, that all my recent cards are splashed with fake snow and have a lot of glitter, which mimics freezed snow. How about you, you can not wait for the snow? Or maybe you have it already? If so, send some into my city ;-). Mean… Continue reading Oh vintage christmas tree


Dears! I have fantastic news for you. I was chosen to the ZieloneKoty.pl Design Team and starting from December, I will be inspiring you on their blog! I am delighted, that I will cooperate in such an excellent team, see for yourself 🙂 In this way, I am a member of 2 design teams along… Continue reading News