Sleeping unicorn

Będąc niedawno w sklepie Zielone Koty odkryłam nowy typ baz na kartki. Oczywiście, to nie żadna nowość na rynku, ale dla mnie i owszem. Mianowicie odkryłam bodziaki! Jest kilka wzorów tych baz na rynku, ale mnie najbardziej przypadł do gustu ten od Rzeczy z Papieru. Do zrobienia kartki wykorzystałam tusze Distress Oxide, sizal, papieru ZoJu… Continue reading Sleeping unicorn

Another year, another 40

Today just a quick note. I have for you another card made for request in a forest style. I have used a lovely papers from ABStudio, stemple i wykrojniki od Tima Holtz'a i niezawodną kartkową bazę z Rzeczy z Papieru. .  .  . Dzisiaj krótki wpis. Mam dla was kolejna kartkę robiona na zamówienie w… Continue reading Another year, another 40

Oh, sleep honey… – inspiration for Zielone Koty. pl

Today I have a slightly different work for you than usual. This time instead of a card - a shadow box for a children's room. You probably thought - but isn't it too dark? Well no. The reason is, that it is not an ordinary shadow box, but a night lamp! Do you remember, how… Continue reading Oh, sleep honey… – inspiration for Zielone Koty. pl

Congratulations! – inspiration for Piątek Trzynastego (P13)

Once again, I have the honor to present you my inspiration on the blog Piątek Trzynastego. As summer is still in full, and July and August are typical wedding months, I went crazy with inspirations for you. I created not one, not even two, but four cards from the Love in Bloom collection. Although this collection… Continue reading Congratulations! – inspiration for Piątek Trzynastego (P13)

I support design

Some time ago there was a quite important post Biirka's blog (it is in German, but you can use google translator) about the original designs being stolen by some companies and sell illegally at some places. More details you can find on her blog. Yesterday was also an Instagram event, to show support our beloved… Continue reading I support design

Total suprise wedding card

From time to time I am asked to make a special, personalized card. Usually they are classic wedding card with some twist. However recenty I was ask to prepare a themed wedding card, and I was given a stright guidelandess about details which should be included on the card. I was so suprised that I… Continue reading Total suprise wedding card

Sea stories, or a recipe for simple cards with a watercolour background – video tutorial for Zielone

I have prepared a tutorial for you how to make a fairly simple minimalist card, in maritime theme, for various occasions. I dedicate this tutorial to beginner scrapers, but I hope that the more advanced of you will benefit too ;-). I have made two works on watercolour paper as the backgrounds, using Distress inks… Continue reading Sea stories, or a recipe for simple cards with a watercolour background – video tutorial for Zielone