Home sweet home – inspiracja dla P13

Witajcie, tu Aga Tatarek. Dzisiaj po raz czwarty, i tym samym ostatni, przygotowałam dla Was inspirację jako gościnna projektantka P13, ale tym samym jest to moja pierwsza jako członkini Dream Team na rok 2020! Tym razem wykorzystałam papiery z kolekcji We are family. Wielokrotnie już wspominałam Wam, że papiery P13 są bardzo uniwersalne. Nie tylko… Continue reading Home sweet home – inspiracja dla P13


Na koniec roku postanowiłam sprawdzić czy forma kalendarzy ręcznie robionych sprawdza się czy nie. Przygotowałam 2 rodzaje kalendarzy: biurkowy oraz książkowy. I co sądzicie, czy taka ascetyczna forma sprawdzi się czy nie? Ja jestem szalenie ciekawa rezultatów eksperymentu 😉 .  .  . At the end of the year, I decided to check if the form… Continue reading Kalendarze

Deep blue

Remember when I told you, that I will have more cards with jellyfish's motif? Here is another example how to use the stamp image from Visible Image company. This card I would say depicts a classic ocean scene, don't you think? If you follow my blog, you probably have already have seen similar scene, but… Continue reading Deep blue

Oh, sleep honey… – inspiration for Zielone Koty. pl

Today I have a slightly different work for you than usual. This time instead of a card - a shadow box for a children's room. You probably thought - but isn't it too dark? Well no. The reason is, that it is not an ordinary shadow box, but a night lamp! Do you remember, how… Continue reading Oh, sleep honey… – inspiration for Zielone Koty. pl

Gelli plate craziness

In June this year, I took a class in usage of Gelli plate art organised by Anai. I must say this is super creative tool. While heaving vacation I played a bit with Gelli plates and made myself a notebook basis on the knowledge I got during classes. The final effect of the work you can… Continue reading Gelli plate craziness

Turtle dream

Hi! How is your vacation going? My fantastic not only because of a bit of leisure time in a sun, but also because I have more time to spend on crafting projects. Today's project is just an example of this 😉 In Poland we have currently few companies who made a thick mdf bases for… Continue reading Turtle dream

Light up my life – tutorial for Zielone Koty.pl

Do you remember the craziness at American scrapbooking for LED cards? Well, who would not remember ;). No less, in Polish scrapbooking world somehow this type of work was not as successful as you could expect. On the other hand, looking at the difficulties that were / are heaving with access to the system and… Continue reading Light up my life – tutorial for Zielone Koty.pl