Today I present you a card I have made for my mom's Nameday. She like a steam punk style, but my brain at some point always turns into more feminine style works. This time I managed to make card in mixed media style ;). Still not steam punk but at least vintage. .  .  .… Continue reading Celebration

Love is in the air

In today's blog entry I want to present you a mixed media work which I have prepared for a Valentine's Day.  Work was inspired by anai fantastic workshops. I also enter this work in Retro Team Challenge by eMKa "Old love never rusts" According to the challenge rules I have used: 1. my favourite color- read and all it… Continue reading Love is in the air


I have not been a fan of mixed media layout (LO), at least so far, because I haven’t got idea where to store them. Another issue for me is the composition or rather, how to build up layout to not over done it. However I have embraced my insecurity in this subject, got out from… Continue reading Portrait

Mixed-media canvas

Recently I have been taking part in a fabulous mixed- media workshop conducted by anai. I was so inspired that few days after I made my own, first ever by miself, mixed media work on canvas. So, how you like it? 🙂 .  .  . Niedawno brałam udział w fantastycznym mixed- mediowym warsztacie prowadzonym przez anai.… Continue reading Mixed-media canvas

Tags but almost ATC’s

This blog entry is dedicated to a fun activity: "late night crafting with..." and I have chosen Maremi's Small Art ATC tutorial, since I haven't done ATC ever:) It is not 100% ATC since I forgot to cut it to the size, but oh well ;). It was quick and fun craft!   .  .  .… Continue reading Tags but almost ATC’s

A white butterfly

Today a quick blog enter. I am catching up with online classes of Creative Chemistry 102, sice the new one 103 is announced to be launched soon. One of the techniques from 102 for background (and not only for that) I have tested already and finished it as a card presented below. .  .  .… Continue reading A white butterfly